About Us


The name Lucy Ro is a dedication to Tara’s grandmothers Lucia and Rosaria. 
As a young girl, she remembers experimenting with makeup and both of them saying to her  “get that JUNK off of your face”. Even back then they knew that the ingredients in makeup could be harmful to our health.
 It wasn’t until her 40’s that Tara became aware of the concerning ingredients in cosmetic products and realized that her grandmothers were right. She began researching and knew that she had to make others aware and pursue her new found passion for CLEAN beauty.

Sue’s passion for clean beauty sparked while watching her daughters experiment with makeup and skincare. After having multiple conversations with her lifelong friend Tara about the toxic effects that cosmetics have on our bodies, she decided to make a change. The thought of her daughters being exposed to these harmful chemicals, was alarming. Now knowing that cosmetics are one of the worst products that we use on a daily basis, she knew that she wanted to join Tara and help educate others about CLEAN beauty.

Both Sue and Tara have always shared a LOVE for how the right skincare routine and proper makeup application can enhance a person’s natural beauty. Thankfully, there are many clean brands out there that are just as effective without all of the harmful ingredients.

Tara and Sue have both made promises to their loved ones and themselves to choose CLEAN beauty.  They know that they can safely use amazing products without sacrificing their health. Sue and Tara would like to help all of you make the same commitment to a healthier lifestyle by helping you make the switch to PURE. CLEAN. BEAUTY.


Tara & Sue